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Side Rear View of Mobile Billboard

Bedfin Billboards are a great alternative to wraps. The flexibility to change the message panel in under a minute sets Bedfin apart from every other signage option. Productivity accessories make Bedfin the clear choice for working trucks.


pickup truck with ladder rack

A Bedfin Cargo Rack is used in conjunction with the Billboard system to increase hauling capacity evn more than with a Bedfin system alone. Use it for ladders, lumber, pipe, or other long materials.


movable tiedown for cargo control

Bedfin Movable Tiedowns can be used on their own or with a Billboard System. These ratchet straps retract with the push of a button. You'll never have to deal with tangled straps under the back seat again. No drilling required. Simply clamp them in place and relocate them whenever you want.


vinyl wrap on corrugated plastic message panel

Bedfin message panels are made from corrugated plastic with a printed vinyl overlay. They can be economically printed at nearly any print shop. Downloadable specs and templates from Bedfin make it super easy. Want assistance? Bedfin can handle it all for you. Contact for assistance.