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Where to buy

Why should I purchase product through a dealer or representative?
Bedfin authorized dealers and reps are selected and qualified by Bedfin. That means they understand the products and are well prepared to serve you. As many dealers and reps are sign companies, they are likely a good source for printing and graphic services to support you during and after the initial purchase. Dealers and reps may have special offers or bundles available.

Can I purchase product direct through Bedfin?
Bedfin may be purchased directly through Bedfin. If you have worked with a dealer or representative, they will have given you an offer code which entitles you to an additional discount. Be sure to have that with you at the time of quote.

Can I purchase Bedfin product through any sign company?
Bedfin may be purchased and resold by anyone, but they may not be a qualified dealer or rep. There is not necessarily a downside to going this route, but there may not be the upside of additional offers and support after the purchase. Ask the merchant if they are an authorized dealer or rep or contact Bedfin for advice.

Availability & Delivery

How soon can I get the product after ordering?
Delivery times depend on product inventory and the destination. Once shipped, a product can generally cross the country in 5-7 days. Faster delivery can be arranged. If your unit is not currently in stock, production and delivery can be between 2-8 weeks depending on the current phase of production. Transit within Western WA is generally 1-2 days.

How much is shipping?
Shipping depends on rates of 3rd party carriers and destination. Bedfin may be offering special shipping deals. Inquire at time of quote. Delivery within Western WA is generally free of charge.


Is Bedfin product compatible with my truck?
Each Bedfin product is designed to fit with most full size pickup trucks. The individual product pages go into detail on the fit requirements. If you have any concerns, please contact Bedfin directly to determine your vehicle’s compatibility.

Can Bedfin products be used with my existing truck accessories?
Bedfin signage systems are not designed around aftermarket equipment. Any accessory which uses the bed rails will likely conflict with proper installation of a Bedfin signage system. If you’re unsure, contact Bedfin.

How fast is installation?
Bedfin signage systems are designed for fast installation. Both the X-Series and the B-Series systems take only about ten minutes. No drilling is required for any Bedfin product. The only tool required for installation, a wrench, is included with each unit.

Message panels and Banners

What material should be used to make a message panel for the X-Series billboard?
We recommend the message board be made from 5mm corrugated plastic with an image either directly printed or with a preprinted vinyl wrap applied (recommended). This material and process has been selected for economy, durability, and safety. Bedfin does not endorse the use of other materials.

What material should be used to make a banner for the B-Series banner?
Banner material should be a heavy gauge and suitable for outdoor applications. Gromets should be installed in reinforced sections of the banner fo long life. Ask your printer for the best solutions they offer for this application. Remember to tell them this product will not be traveling at regular driving speeds; rather it is intended for slow moving or parked vehicles.

Does Bedfin product come with message panels or banners?
Not standard. However, the purchase of any Bedfin signage products has the option of adding printed signage for an additional cost.

Where can I get message panels and banners?
Message panels and banners can be purchased complete at most printing companies. A downloadable template is available through If your message boards are not purchased direct from Bedfin, it is important to not only order the proper size from your supplier, but also inspect the sizing prior to use. Do not use an improperly sized message panel as it may become disengaged from the frame when in motion and cause property damage, injury, or death.

Cleaning & care

How do I wash Bedfin product?
Your Bedfin products can be easily washed with most automotive grade soaps and a soft bristle brush. Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or abrasive cleansers. Solvents and acidic agents may damage the finish of your product.

How do I wash Bedfin message panels and banners?
The message panels and banners may or may not be washed as described above depending on the printing method used to create them. Please consult with your supplier for advice on the best cleaning methods for your product. If you purchased your message panels or banners from Bedfin directly, you can use the same method as described above for cleaning your Bedfin system. If you see signs of damage stop cleaning and contact Bedfin or your supplier.

Will my Bedfin products rust over time?
No. Even with the coating removed, your Bedfin system will not rust.