How much does a truck wrap cost? And how you can save money.

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The typical non-answer you're likely to get
When talking to folks about mobile signage, people commonly ask me, "How much does a truck wrap cost?" There are a number of variables affecting the cost of a wrap, so it's hard to make a definitive statement (by the way, you'll hear that with every installer you ask). There's no one-size-fits-all type of answer. You can typically count on spending anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000 depending on factors such as whether it's a partial wrap or a full wrap, whether your truck has complex contours or simple, and depending on the materials used.

A wrap company's fear tactics are also the reality
The most important factors in cost are the quality of the installer and the materials. If you're opting for a low cost installer, you may want to rethink that decision. From bubbling and cracking vinyl to damage to your vehicle finish, many things can go wrong. Everything from the preparation of your truck to the techniques of the installer will lead to the success or failure of your wrap. Done poorly, a bad wrap may cost you more money than it makes you in the long run - maybe in the short run, too. The environment you drive in may also limit your recourse to having your wrap fixed under warranty.

The biggest cost is not obvious
All that said, one of the biggest costs of a wrap is not the out-the-door cost of installation and the materials, but the sacrifice of flexibility. Since a wrap will generally last 3-7 years in the right conditions, you won't likely change it out for a new design anytime soon. This may be fine if you only want to display information which isn't going to change. That means your logo, a generic description of your business, and your color scheme. You wouldn't use a wrap to advertise things like seasonal services, limited time offers, or to promote whatever you have an abundance of at the time. That is unless you want to spend the money to redo your wrap in part or in full. Doing so doens't only cost the money for installation, but also downtime for your work truck.

Bedfin is the wrap alternative trusted by businesses like yours.
Wraps are not a bad investment, but as with many tools, wraps have a purpose and come with limitations. If you're considering a wrap for your pickup truck, investigate Bedfin's wrap alternative at the same time. With a price at the lower end of the wrap-cost-spectrum, Bedfin offers far more flexibility without risk of damage to your vehicle and no downtime. If you need to change vehicles, Bedfin can be moved to the new one. This is great for fleet operations. Learn more about Bedfin's features and benefits which will support the growth you want for your business.